Updated: 19th April 2018

Drink like Tyrion with these ‘Game of Thrones ceramic steins

Nothing tastes sweeter than revenge except for maybe a tall ale. King, lord, and smallfolk alike guzzle happily with these Game of Thrones steins.

Each ceramic stein holds 22 oz. and comes with a pewter lid replica of Robert Baratheons crown. You know, the King at the start of the series. Or the usurper. Depends on which lord you ask.

1) Drink like the dragon


Even if youre in exile, it doesnt mean you cant toss back a few drinks. In fact, its probably more reason to. This Targaryen stein bears the fearsome dragon sigil along house words Fire and Blood.

Price on Amazon: $59.99

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2) Toast The King in the North”


Whether you’re staving off the cold or grieving for fallen allies, this Stark stein has you covered. House Starks direwolf sigil on the front gives way to their words, Winter is Coming.

Price on Amazon: $59.99 (regularly $69.99)

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3) For parties, stag or otherwise


Picking between Renly and Stannis is hard, so dont. Raise a glass to each of the Baratheon brothers with this stein. A big bold stag sigil at the center reminds enemies that Ours is the Fury.

Price on Amazon: $53.08

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