Updated: 20th April 2018

Did You Spot The Murder House Reference In American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare?

If you haven’t watched the first episode of American Horror Story: MyRoanoke Nightmare,then you might not want to read this article: it contains spoilers.

Right. In Chapter One – the first episode of AHS season six – Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and her sister-in-law Lee (Angela Bassett) discovered a creepyhome video, playing on a TV in the basement of their house.

It featured – among other things – a sinister– we’re gonna go with, creature – running around the woods. With the body of a human, it had the head of a pig:

This immediately drew comparisons with Murder House. If you remember, one of Ben Harmon’s patients (a man called Derrick) was paralysed with his fear of the Piggy Man – abutcher who used to cruelly slaughter his pigs while wearing a pig mask.

After he was incapacitated in an accident, his pigs got their revenge and tore him to shreds.

The legend went that if you looked into a mirror and said “here piggy, piggy, piggy”, then the Piggy Man would appear and kill you.

And he looked something like this:

Pretty similar to the Piggy Man in the home video…

Fans of the show immediately began wondering if the appearance of a “Piggy Man” in Roanoke, meant that it was going to be in some way linked to Murder House:

It’s not the only similarity to Murder House – the whole haunted house vibe, evil in the basement, and implication that a lot of the characters might actually be dead, all hark back to the first season.

Plus, the whole Piggy Man thing was a pretty random part of season one – maybe creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk put him there for a reason, they’ve been planning for this all along, and in this latest season, they’re going to explain how it all fits together…

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Images via FX

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