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‘Bran is the Lord of Light’: readers’ Game of Thrones’ season finale predictions

From Tyrion dying a hero to Bran warging into a dragon to defeat the White Walkers, here are some of your predictions on how it will all end

Spoiler alert: do not read unless you have watched all six seasons of Game of Thrones.

Tyrion will die an unsung hero

Hopefully the theory that states that Daenerys will go mad by the end of the series is wrong, and I hope she claims the throne. Daenerys will hopefully form an alliance with Jon Snow and march towards Kings Landing. Jaime and Cersei will have a rough time and Jaime poetically kills her, however not before Cersei sees Daenerys arrive with Tyrion in tow.

Sansa meanwhile will take over as queen of the North with Arya becoming a deadly assassin. As for Jon Snow, I dont think he will want the throne but end up dying towards the end of the season. With Daenerys on the throne and Tyrion and Jon (if he doesnt die) by her side the White Walkers will arrive for the final battle. Tyrion will die in the final episode fulfilling a pivotal role in the final battle, however no one will realise and he will end up an unsung hero.

Anthony, 22, Gibraltar

Gendry will become king

D-Targs kills Cersei after invading Westeros. Jaime kills Tyrion. Jaime is sent to the Wall. Big battle with dragons, Jon Snow and the Targaryens and everyone dies. Gendry becomes king with Littlefinger and Varys back on the small council.

Jacob, 23, Cambridge

Daenerys will sacrifice herself and die

I think Cerseis reign of terror will come to an end at the hands of her brother Jaime. Its quite possible that there is more wildfire and that Cersei will order it to be ignited if and when Kings Landing falls to Daenerys. This will be the catalyst for Jaime to act.

Cersei will need allies and since Daenerys has declared for his niece and nephew its possible that Euron might try and prop up the collapsing Lannister hegemony. He will fail but cause enough damage to even out the odds.

Sam will find arcane knowledge in the Citadel. Either about Valyrian steel, dragonglass or the White Walkers. It may even have something to do with whatever the Children of the Forest did to Benjen and thus help in stopping the creation of more undead. It may even reverse it, but I hope not because that seems a bit too convenient.

Given Jons parental revelations and Daenerys dropping of Daario, I genuinely believe that Jon and Daenerys will marry. They might make a Habsburg turn pale but Targaryen tradition ordains it at this point. That said, such a marriage could very well keep the North in the Seven Kingdoms, thus stopping Nexit (if only we were so lucky). It may also open the door for Sansa to take Winterfell as her own.

Daenerys will die, despite my last prediction. She may initially sit on the throne before the White Walkers come but the war will eventually claim her scalp too. Shell be around long enough to establish Jon as a legitimate successor (remember, she doesnt want children or believe she even can anymore). She will help defeat the White Walkers with her dragons before sacrificing herself. It would be a good way of keeping her as a vaguely messianic figure and give her a glorious, fiery departure much like how this story seems to be the last hurrah for magic.

Gloria, 23, Lancashire

Dany doing her First of Her Name, Breaker of Chains etc. spiel with Drogon by her side. Photograph: HBO/PA

Everything will just seem like a bad dream

After the battle with the Night King is all over, Westeros will be in complete ruin. Bran will time travel back to the time when all the Starks were at Winterfell before any of them left so that everything will just seem like a bad dream.

Diljorno, 19, Iowa

Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion will merge into one dragon

The dragon has three heads saying is not a metaphor. Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion as the last surviving Targaryens will sacrifice themselves and merge into one dragon (not without the help of the Red Woman) powerful enough to burn all the White Walkers.

Bran will end up ruling, but I dont think anyone will claim the throne. In fact I dont think there will be a throne left in the end. They will need to use the swords to fight the White Walkers alongside the dragon so they will tear the throne apart. Sam, Arya and Varys will help Bran set up a new order after the final battle. At the very end, it will all be a song sung to young children!

Alena Petrova, 28, Russia

Bran is the Lord of Light. BOOM

Bran has the ability to alter the past and now he knows the threat the White Walkers poses to the world, his first attempt at using his power is to tell the Mad King Aerys to burn the bodies of the dead. As Bran doesnt yet have full control of his powers (too soon to become the Three-Eyed Raven and not ready) so it becomes a poor attempt and results in the king going mad and attempting to burn the city with wildfire before Jaime kills him.

When he gets more control of his power he sets a plan in motion to create an army with the ability to defeat the White Walkers. The way he does this is by whispering in the wind to certain people. Bran Stark is the Lord of Light. BOOM.

He speaks to various people through history to warn them and they create the religion. The other religion based on the seven is also actual people from ancient times and they are all there now again to help save the world from the White Walkers with Bran bringing them all together.

Jon as the Warrior, Dany as the Mother, the Hound as the Father (or possibly Ser Davos), Melisandre the Crone, Sansa the Maiden, Sam as the Smith (because of the Valyrian steel), and Ayra as the Stranger.

Bran than wargs back in time permanently to become Bran the Builder and builds the Wall and Winterfell.

Jon will rule the North and Dany will rule the South and Jon will marry Sansa now that they are just cousins, and itll be the strongest allegiance and best rule in the history of Westeros. But the White Walkers will attack and destroy everything and the Night King will sit on the throne and die. It will finish with the song and itll just be a continuous loop of Bran trying to alter the past to try and save everyone but not managing it.

Anonymous, 22, London

The Mad Queen: Cersei Lannister. Photograph: AP

Jon wedding and bedding his auntie Daenerys is probably quite likely

Cerseis last surviving child took his own life in an extremely poignant scene in the season finale and now the valonqar prophecy is half fulfilled. Now all that is left to happen is for her to die at the hands of a younger sibling (will it be Jaime, will it be Tyrion? You decide! Hit the red button to find out more… only joking its probably gonna be Jaime cause then he will be the King and Queenslayer, just a few cards away from a royal flush of back-stabbery).

So thats Cersei dealt with. But who shall sit atop that pointy, uncomfortable chair which has caused all this drama? How about both Jon and Daenerys? Thats right, as you may remember Jon and Tyrion had a short lived bromance in season one and as Daenerys chief adviser and future hand, this will surely put Jon in good stead.

Incestuous relationships are sort of this shows thing, so Jon wedding and bedding his auntie Daenerys is probably, quite likely. But what of those horrible zombie dudes north of the Wall? Before she gets that nephew lovin from Jon there is going to be some form of gnarly, epic war between men and dragons and White Walkers.

Matt Stansfield, 21, Hull

Bran will take the White Walkers on as his own army

The Song of Ice and Fire is not a story about White Walkers versus dragons, but Starks versus Targaryens. The wolves of the icy North against the lunatic fire of the dragon wielding family.

The in-fighting in Westeros to fill the power vacuum left by the Targaryens is but a side-show to the story coming full circle. The bad blood between the wolf and the dragon, the ice and the fire, is to culminate in the show-down between Bran Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Bran will use his warg power to overcome the Night King and take the White Walkers as his own army. They will become subdued under his power. He will march them to Kings Landing to overthrow Cersei as payback for what the Lannisters did to his family. He will succeed as her army will be miles away fighting the invasion from Daenerys.

Bran will take the Iron Throne for himself to try and usher in peace to the world. He will destroy his White Walker army as a show of faith. This in turn will give Daenerys her chance. She will destroy Cerseis forces, march on to Kings Landing and overthrow Bran in order to take her rightful place. She will show mercy to the Starks and allow Jon to take his familys name and become the new warden of the North.

Andy, 29, High Wycombe

Tyrion will end up buried under a carpark in Leicester

Since the books are based on the Wars of the Roses, Tyrion will end up buried under a carpark in Leicester.

Maggie Brinkley

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