Updated: 20th April 2018

Behold the mysterious new logo for ‘American Horror Story’

The new logo for ‘American Horror Story’ appears on the show’s official Facebook page.
Image: american horror story

American Horror Storyhas a questionable new logo.

The Emmy-winning FX series is coming up on its sixth season, and the new logo a blood red 6 with a question mark eerily reflects that. The new image is on all the show’s official social media pages.

The new logo for ‘American Horror Story.’

Image: american horror story

No details have been shared yet for the sixth season. Last season was AHS: Hotel, set at the fictional and creepy Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. The season also starred Lady Gaga as bloodthirsty killer nicknamed The Countess, a role that earned her a Golden Globe.

The singer says she’ll return for the next season, as will Cheyenne Jackson, who played hotel owner Will Drake in Season 5. And that’s about all we really know … for now.

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