Updated: 20th April 2018

‘American Horror Story’ Star Totally Squashes Huge Rumors About Season 6

Hopelessness overcomes us all as we struggle to cling to the scraps of knowledge weve collected thus far.

Never forget what youve learned. Never forget what youve seen. Never forget the promotional posters and leaked set photos from season six of American Horror Story.

Sarah Paulson chatted with Entertainment Tonight at the Television Academys Performers Peer Group Celebration for the Emmy Awards on Monday and admitted a Charles Manson-themed season of American Horror Story is off the table.

She told ET,

You can look me right in the eye. You are wrong. Dead. Wrong.

OK, BUT, SAR, can we at least admit Charles Manson isnt season sixs theme while still expecting one of the upcoming episodes to reference or depict his crime at some point?

Leaked AHS set photos mirroring crime scene snaps from the house Sharon Tate and husband Roman Polanski were renting the night they were murdered are so, so, so hard to ignore.

If the ancient Satanic cult theories people have been floating hold up, Sarahs insistence the entire season doesnt revolve around the Manson family could be true while still keeping Ryan Murphys overall theme a secret on a technicality.

Another explanation for set photos so closely resembling crime scene pics is the possibility Murphy and his crew have been intentionally leaking fake set photos (including those alluding to a possible Roanoke theme) all along.

We all want to trust Sarah Paulson.

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