Updated: 19th April 2018

American Horror Story Season Six Theme Finally Revealed

Warning: while we haven’t actually seen the first episode of American Horror Story season six, and so couldn’t spoil it for you even if we wanted to, if you want to go in completely blind – not even knowing the theme – then now’s your time to scarper.

Right. After weeks of being confused by some very contrasting teasers and trailers, we finally know what this latest American Horror Story season is going to be about.

Titled,My Roanoke Nightmare,it’s going to focus on a lost colony.

This perfectly fits one of theclues that Ryan Murphy did actually drop: he implied that the action would take place in two time periods (so the past – presumably before/as the colony disappeared, and the present, maybe as people try to figure out what happened to it?). He also suggested that children would be in some way involved, and while we’re yet to see a connection, we’d bet that these guys will be making an appearance:

The producers have apparently opted for a documentary style format this year, and we’re very excited to see how that works out.

Reviewers are also already drawing comparisons to Murder House, which we’re going to take as a big indication that season six is going to be good…

We can hardly wait, and we won’t have to for long. AHS season six hits UK screens tomorrow.

Images via FX

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