Updated: 26th April 2018

American Horror Story: Season Six Premiere Date Announced

We might not know much about American Horror Story season six, but we do know when we’ll get to see it.

FX have announced that the premiere episode will be hitting screens on the 14th September. That’s just 70 days away.

Lady Gaga – who won a Golden Globe for her season five role as the Countess – is confirmed to be returning for season six, as isAngela Bassett,Cheyenne Jackson and Matt Bomer.

Although everyone has remained tight-lipped when it comes to the concept of season six, Ryan Murphy has disclosed that it’ll incorporate children in some way.

This – along with the reveal of the logo, which is a number “6” twisted into a question mark – is making us think that it might be something to do with education? Maybe set at a school or a summer camp?

Let us know if you have any ideas in the comments!

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