Updated: 21st April 2018

American Horror Story: Hotel Just Made A Huge Connection To Coven


American Horror Story is always crossing over characters. Pepper from Asylum popped up in Freak Show, as did Dr. Arden:the sadistic Doctor experimenting on patients in Briarcliff turned out to bethe very same sadist who cut off Elsa’s legs for a snuff film.

Any eagle-eyed viewers mightalsohave spotted that the estate agentwho sold Hotel Cortez to Will Drake was the very same who sold the murder house to the Harmons. Apparently she specialises in buildings filled with ghosts, death and gore…

Anyway, the current series of AHSmade a huge connection to Coven last night, as Queenie –Gabourey Sidibe’s voodoo witch – checked into the Hotel Cortez…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be a long stay. Liz Taylor and Iris pegged poor old Queenie as the perfect meal for Ramona, lured her into a room and killed her.

Queenie put up one hell of a fight, but she was no match for James March – probably one of the most prolific serial killers we’ve seen on AHS yet. And that is seriously saying something.

Could Sarah Paulson’s Supreme not have seen that coming? Queenie was always a fan favourite, and it’s a little bit sad to know that she won’t be popping up in any future series.

Or will she?It’s not as if dead characters in AHS often stay dead…

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