Updated: 19th April 2018

American Horror Story Actress Rose Siggins Has Died Aged 43

Rose Siggins – who played Legless Suzi on American Horror Story: Freak Show – has died aged 43.

Her manager confirmed that the actress passed away on Saturday, following complications from kidney stone surgery.

On a GoFund Me page, set up to support Rose’s two young children, hequoted Jessica Lange’s Freak Show character, saying:

“I suppose Elsa Mars said it best: ‘The death of a beloved monster is always a sorrow, but never a surprise. If oddly-formed organs or a random physical anomaly doesn’t claim them, then it is at the sheer density of their blaze. A carny’s life burns and brighter than most. It is bound to extinguish sooner.’”

Rosehad her legs amputated at a young age, after being born with a rare genetic condition that deformed her spine. But she didn’t let her disability stop her from living a normal life.

Despite doctors worrying that a pregnancy would crush her organs, Rose became the first woman with Sacral Agenesis to give birth, and hadtwo healthy children – Luke, 16 and Shelby, 5.

Instead of using a wheelchair, Rose got around on a skateboard, and her attitude to her disability was remarkable:

“A lot of people with disabilities feel that life owes them something, and I was raised in a way that no, no-one owes you a dime. The world doesnt owe you anything, this is what you have and you use your resources and you get through life. My personal opinion is, get up and go for it, just do it.”

Rose’s American Horror Story co-stars paid tribute to the actress:


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