Updated: 26th April 2018

American Horror Story actor Rose Siggins dies at 43

Actor known as the woman with a half a body after losing her legs to a rare genetic disorder died on Saturday in Denver

The actor Rose Siggins, who was known as the woman with a half a body after she lost her legs to a rare genetic disorder early in life, has died at age 43, her agent said on Sunday.

James Mullen said in an email the actor died in Denver on Saturday and that he had no more details to release about the circumstances of her death.

Siggins played the character Legless Suzi on American Horror Story: Freak Show, a program on the FX network, and was featured in The Woman with Half a Body, a 2005 documentary about her life.

Mullen described Siggins, who traveled around on a skateboard, as an infinitely strong woman on a Gofundme.com page he set up to help pay for her medical expenses and support her two children.

Siggins was born with a rare genetic disorder, known as Sacral Agenesis, that severely deformed her legs, she said on her website.

Siggins said her parents had her legs amputated when she was two and that their insightful decision allowed her to lead a fairly normal childhood.

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