Updated: 26th April 2018

All Of The Violent And Badass Moments From Game Of Thrones In One 3 Minute Video

YouTube user ‘Zurick 23M’ loved the ‘Battle of Bastards’ GoT episode so much that he was inspired to create a kickass edit of all of the badassery from the first six series of Game of Thrones – along to the sounds of a very appropriate song called ‘War Pigs’.

It succeeds in making you feel weirdly patriotic about the fictional lands involved in Game of Thrones. Almost like a national anthem, I almost stood up and placed my hand over my heart out of respect.

We have to wonder though, why our dear Khal Drogo wasn’t included with this gory kill:

Or, actually, this one:

There was also this:

And we can’t forget this iconic scene with The Mountain (look away now if you’re faint hearted):

Long live Game of Thrones in all of it’s gory glory.

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