Updated: 23rd April 2018

A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Could Actually Happen

More “Game of Thrones” is coming … maybe.

We’ve heard rumors of a “Game of Thrones” movie or prequel for years now. (Years!) And apparently HBO is still pursuing that dream.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the network’s programming president Casey Bloys says HBO is stills in talks with author George R.R. Martin about another series. 

Bloys said, “I would say it’s still kind of preliminary ongoing talks.”

The programming president didn’t specify which parts of Martin’s works could be adapted, but he added that HBO is exploring different “areas.”

What could those “areas” be? Let’s speculate, Crows.

Besides his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the inspiration for “Game of Thrones,” Martin has his Dunk and Eggnovellas, which are prequels to the series. Plus, there is a lot of backstory with Robert’s Rebellion that fans want to see. Robert’s Rebellion is the war that put Robert Baratheon on the throne and eventually led to the craziness Westeros is going through now. 

In any case, HBO is fighting to bring more “Thrones” to your faces.

As far as the possibility of expanding “Game of Thrones” Season 8 from the meager 6 episodes we’re reportedly getting, Bloys said, “I’ll take as much as we can get.”

In other words, your watch hasn’t ended just yet. 

No, Jon Snow! Aren’t you listening? Not yet!

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