Updated: 20th April 2018

A Break Down Of Brans Latest Visions On Game Of Thrones

If Bran Stark’s latest visions are anything to go by, then Game of Thrones certainly is “a game of ice and fire”.Coupled with a lot of death and murder…

(If you haven’t watched episode six of Game of Thrones, and don’t want any spoilers, then now’s the time to go).

With Hodor presumably still holding that door, this latest episode of Game of Thrones started with Meera dragging an unconscious Bran, desperately trying to find safety (or at least something resembling it). They eventually got rescued by Bran’s long lost Uncle – Benjen Stark, who, as it turns out, is now some sort of undead warrior.

But – at least temporarily -we’re going to forget about that, and concentrate on what was going on inside Bran’s head.

He was having some pretty intense visions, right?Yes. In a very quick montage (of sorts), the new Three Eyed Raven saw various events from the past (and from what could be the future) of Westeros.

We’ll start, however, with one thatdefinitely took place in the past. Jaime, killing the Mad King.

Didn’t Jaime kill the King because he’d gone mad, and was completely out of control?Yes, but so far, onlyonce hadJaime revealed that that was whatprompted him to betray Aerys: in season three, he confided to Brienne that the Mad King had truly lost it, and was ordering for the whole of King’s Landing to be burned with wildfire. In killing him, Jaime saved thousands of lives.

Now, that’s pretty much exactly what Bran saw in his vision. Aerys ordering “burn them all”, while looking fairly manic.So Jaime is telling the truth.

Okay. But why might that be significant?Well, while Jaime was pretty honest with Brienne about why he murdered Aerys, he never told her that, when the deed was done, he sat on the Iron Throne. Does Jaime secretly yearn for power? Is it a clue that he might succeed his son, and rule Westeros one day? Or was he just exhausted, and needed a sit down?

There’s also the fact thatBran saw the Mad King’spyromancers pouring wildfire into glass containers, and storing them in a vault somewhere. That suggests that there’s a lot of the – very dangerous – stuff hidden somewhere in King’s Landing.

Maybe Cersei will find it, and use it to rid the city of Sparrows. Maybe it’ll be used to fightDaenerys’ armies on their “wooden horses”. Or maybe, it’ll stop theice: the ever-threatening White Walkers.

There seemed to be a lot of Daenerys – and her dragons – in Bran’s visions…Yes, and these were cleverly juxtaposed with his visions of the Mad King. Daenerys is getting much more violent, and maybe this vision is a hintthat – like her father – she’s going to go mad with power. Maybe Daenerys is headed for a fall…

What about the Starks? Bran had visions of the murders of his father, mother and brother…Yes, poor old Bran watched Ned, Catelyn and Robb meet their bloody ends. And did he also witness the end of his Aunt, Lyanna?

Bran had a vision of the same daythat the old Three Eyed Raven took him to earlier in the season, where we saw a young Ned arrive at the Tower of Joy, looking for his kidnapped sister. He fought off some Targaryen soldiers, he started heading up to the Tower, we heard what sounded suspiciously like a woman giving birth, and then buzz kill that he is (was), the Three Eyed Raven whisked Bran back to reality.

In his latest vision, did Bran see what happened next?

We’re betting that that’s Lyanna’s hand.

Did Bran have any visions from the future?We can’t be completely sure, but there were a lot of images of dragons flying around and White Walkers swarming that we can’t help but think are prophetic. War seems to be coming, and it looks like significant in that war will befire (Daenerys, her dragons and the wildfire), and the Night King and his White Walkers: ice.

In any case, Bran’s visions centred mainly on the Targaryens and the Starks: two families who were once powerful, but are pretty down on their luck nowadays. Maybe the Targaryens are the fire, the Starks are the ice, and Jon Snow – the amalgamation of these two houses – will be the most significant of all.

Check out Bran’s visions – in slow motion – here:

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