Updated: 22nd April 2018

6 ways that ‘Game of Thrones’ battle could have been a little safer

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Spoilers for Game of Thrones season six follow. Stop reading this if you didn’t watch!

The Battle of the Bastards is over, and the Stark forces have emerged victorious.

In a truly epic clash, the outmatched Starks defeated Ramsay Bolton, leaving the sociopath to be torn apart by his own hounds. While the ordeal can be chalked up as a success, we still have a lot of thoughts about how everything went down.

Namely: the whole thing was just, like, superunsafe, and a lot of elements made us think, “Did they take enough time to plan this?”

Take a look at some ideas we have that could’ve made the battle a little more efficient and a whole lot safer.

1. Everybody needs more protective gear across the board

2. Wun Wun needs something other than fists here

3. Rickon, please stop running in a perfectly straight line

4. We get he’s one of the good guys, but this feels unnecessary

5. Nobody should be doing this

6. Let’s find a safer way to take archers out in the future, okay Jon?

If any armies in Westeros need our help with safety tips or general logistics, please reach out.

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