Updated: 20th April 2018

35 hilarious memes from last nights game-changing Game of Thrones

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest Game of Thrones episode, “Beyond the Wall.”

Last night’s Game of Thrones episode completely shifted the series’ power dynamics with one of the show’s biggest closing scenes to date. Not only did Jon Snow pledge to bend the knee to Daenerys Targaryen after barely escaping his battle beyond the Wall, but Dany’s Veserion was turned into a Whitewalker after being tragically killed by the Night King’s spear.

To help mend your broken heart, below are some of the best memes from “Beyond the Wall.”

The best memes from Game of Thrones‘ “Beyond The Wall”

1) When Jon Snow and company embarked on an impossible journey

2) When Gendry became the fastest man in Westeros

3) When Littlefinger’s latest scheme starts working

Screengrab via sailoricebear/Twitter

4) When Arya confronts Sansa about her letter

5) When Khaleesi comes to the rescue in the nick of time

6) When the Night King picks up his spear

Screengrab via pollologa/Twitter

Screengrab via JPellegrini1983/Twitter

Screengrab via redheadLEN/Twitter

7) When Viserion gets fatally struck

Screengrab via jason_todds/Twitter

8) When Jon and Khaleesi share an intimate moment

Screengrab via reinaavv/Twitter

Screengrab via emiiliaclarkes/Twitter

9) When the Whitewalkers turn Viserion

Screengrab via MiloticSama/Twitter

Screengrab via Nate498/Twitter

10) When you realize there’s only one episode left this season

Screengrab via @https://twitter.com/theDellenator/status/899456939817676800/Twitter

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